Buy cannabis seeds for indoor and outdoor


comprar semillas de marihuana   comprar semillas de marihuana

Buy autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds for outdoor and indoor

In our official online shop you may see the whole catalogue of our varieties and buy them in a safe way.

All our seeds are high quality and 100% feminized.

Strains of marijuana with the most special nuances of each genetic of cannabis sativa, indica and all the possible hybrids.

Our bank carefully selects different parameters of quality of the strains that come out in the market.

Buy the best seeds of the strains we have been working with during the last years. You will be surprised by their quality and high levels of stability. 

Moreover all them have proved to be very productive in outdoor and indoor cultures.

Our seeds come always perfectly packaged  in optimal conditions of conservation and protected against any potential problem caused during the shipment.

Our seeds are always sent right on time and received by the customer in a fast and discreet way.

Consult our way of shipment and payment

You are the most important factor for us. We know that buying cannabis seeds represents an important investment for the customer. This important fact plus our company philosophy is the key to our perfect working system. We maintain all our seeds under strict parameters and controls of conservation.

Winning seeds. Our cannabis seeds are appreciated all over the world. It is not  by chance that we had won many different cups with some of our varieties such as CREATION, INSPIRATION, KETAMA CHEESE, CREATIVE and MUJICA GOLD.

The level of satisfaction reached by those who decided to buy our seeds is really high. One of the highest levels of the world.


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