Cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds
Buy the best cannabis seeds.

The best marijuana seeds for indoor and outdoor

The best marijuana seeds from excellent varieties obtained from hybridizations of great genetics from all over the world.

Our bank seeds have very high levels of homogeneity and stability.

These factors allow us to say we are talking about the best marijuana in the world.

Marijuana seeds  of strains with indica ancestors coming originally from places like Pakistan, Afganistan, Tibet, Nepal and the north of India. These type of plants are strong, shrubby, and give off great aroma. And in the zone of internodes begin to appear big flowers; very heavy and compact. The varieties of cannabis with indica ancestors have short flowering period. Therefore are harvested before than sativa strains. When we talk about medicinal marijuana indica strains are the best for this purpose.

Marijuana seeds of sativa strains that come from equatorial zones like Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Jamaica, south of India and Colombia among other countries. These genetics of sativa ancestors always produce very tall plants with branches full of big buds, a little lighter than those of indica varieties . Flowering period of sativa varieties is always longer than indica strains but this extra time is well worth it by its higher psychoactivity.

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