Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
medical marijuana

Medical marijuana in the present day

Marijuana in today’s world is not looked at as badly or criticized by as many people as it used to like back in the reefer madness days.

medical marijuanaMedical Marijuana. In fact, Marijuana has become more than just a hobby or recreational substance, it has become a very healthy and beneficial substance to help aid specific diseases. There are specific diseases out there that do not respond well to traditional treatment and so naturally people attempt to find a their own cure or solution to their problem. Cancer is one of these diseases that Marijuana, or Cannabis has been most popularly linked together.

Cannabis And You

While studying the Cannabis plant, you will discover that every single human being, even animal, has an endocannabinoid system. There is a main CBD or Cannabidiol receptor in the brains of living humans and animals. Cannabidiol is one of the main compounds found in the Marijuana plant. It is said to be extremely helpful for inflammation, appetite, nauseousness, pain, insomnia, seizures, epilepsy, bone spurs, concussions, autoimmune disorders and a plethora of things that I could continue to list. CBD is a super healthy, natural alternative to synthetic chemical medications, it is also non-psychoactive meaning that it will not produce any “high”.

Taking a look at THC is very similar in taking care of the same type of things that CBD does. THC is different though in the fact that in extremely high doses it is known to kill, as well as cut down the production rate of cancer cells by half inside of the body.

THC has also been documented in being able to cure AIDS for certain people, the catch is that THC is psychoactive and can create a “high”. THC will stimulate a cancer patients appetite to the point where they will actually be able to eat. If you’re familiar with cancer you should know that most people can’t stomach much of anything ever which is a big reason why cancer patients lose so much weight. The radiation from radiation treatment, makes a patient not only feeling ill but weak, tired and all types of negative side effects.

Taking peoples rights and freedom to access this harmless yet fully beneficial plant that naturally grows on the earth as is, is not only demeaning but it is a huge problem for people that have very serious illnesses or diseases who are trying to escape the big pharmaceutical companies. There are too many addicting medications and substances out there as it is. There are even way too many pills out there that are not addicting, yet they have tons of negative and horrible side effects. When taking a closer look at Marijuana, we can see that it has no physically addicting properties. It also hardly has any negative side effects. Some people consider the THC a negative side effect because it is psychoactive and can produce a high and some people are not comfortable in this state.

The truth though, is that THC is extremely healthy and beneficial for the human body and the endocannabinoid system. It’s is mainly because of the THC that this drug has and was made federally illegal. This is a huge problem for patients fighting cancer and other serious diseases and illnesses that cause that patient to be disabled in some type of way. Patients are sick and tired of having to take prescription pills that are practically forced down your throat by any doctor that you see, because they get a good chunk of change for recommending and writing out a prescription for a specific drug.

Well patients are finally putting their foot down like they should have in the first place. There are 29 states out of 50 in the entire country that have either legalized Medical Marijuana for serious diseases and illnesses, or that are now just full blown recreationally legalized and everything. Since Marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug on the list of scheduled substances by the government. It is listed as more dangerous, addicting and has the highest potential for abuse according to the government, even above heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD and magic mushrooms. This is obviously a big joke since we all know how non-dangerous and addictive Cannabis really is. In fact we realize how much of a dramatically positive change it has made upon people all over the world.

What most people don’t realize though, is that in our constitution it states that we the people of the United States Of America have rights and amendments. That being said, that gives us some standing ground against the federal government and it keeping marijuana illegal. Each state has their own right to make their own laws, just as long as the state votes on whether or not they would like to change or add to or even take away from a law that governs their state. So 29 states have been made legalized giving thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people the relief they’ve been needing for a very long time. It not only helps people that have serious illnesses and diseases either. The cannabis industry is still in its very early stages. With America’s economy in the toilet though, The marijuana industry is bringing jobs and new work to the market, as well as it is very much helping improve our economy to the point that if the whole country including the federal government just legalized it fully, our country could even be close to out of debt in literally just a little over a year if not in a year.

So when taking a closer look at the bigger picture here, it would really be worth it to just legalize cannabis nationwide at least for medical use if not recreationally at first and see how it goes. There would be jobs just about everywhere in the country and in every state that people could do. There would be plenty of money to make even within just the first year. So this could be a great problem solver for multiple problems that we as a country and as people ourselves are dealing with on our day to day lives. I think that if we as people have the chance or opportunity to save or improve people’s lives and or health, we should really do so! There are too many people these days that just care only about themselves and nobody else.

Cannabis Can Be The Solution

In the end, no I do not believe that this is the only substance that can and will help or completely cure bad diseases and illnesses. I am however suggesting that many people are not educated, even if they like to think that they are educated on this subject and that’s how bad and false rumors go around. Fortunately you can’t deny the facts. Written and recorded documentation by patients themselves who have used and treated themselves with cannabis. Rick Simpson is a man who had cancer and accidently stumbled upon marijuana after numerous other substances and treatments that his doctors would keep recommending to him. He worked around asbestos and aerosol glue for a significant amount of time and became ill.

After seeing a documentary that highlighted all of the benefits from taking the natural marijuana plant, Rick Simpson decided to inquire about medical marijuana, but his doctor refused and type of treatment related to marijuana. Eventually Simpson ended up sourcing his own cannabis and started making and processing his own oil that started working extremely well for him. He applied this oil to a bump on his hand that a doctor told him was cancerous.

“Rick Simpson stumbled upon his cannabis fame purely by accident. Long before “Rick Simpson Oil” was coined as a term, and long before cannabis was considered remotely mainstream, Rick Simpson was an engineer working in a Canadian hospital in 1997.” Simpson put some oil on it and wrapped it up, almost magically, four days later he unwrapped it and the bump had completely disappeared. So this is a brief summary on who Rick Simpson is and why he is so important, because in medical dispensaries nowadays, there is oil that is referred to as Rick Simpson oil, and it’s all because of him.

In conclusion, I think that at least national medical legalization would be the best way to go to solve a lot of different problems. The only thing is, I don’t see it being nationally legal, at least for a very long time. The federal government as well as doctors, hospitals and all types of people involved with the medical field, including most importantly the big pharmacies are making too much money to just stop. They can’t just legalize the thing that cures the number one serious illness and disease, because they make too much money off of the addictive and deadly medication that they feed you over time. Until this changes and the people in this world turn out to not be as selfish as they really are, then there could be a chance. As long as it’s all about money, control and power though, the world will never be a simple place. The most we can do is fight for our rights as human beings, and what we think is the best thing to do, along with helping others with anything that they need.

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