Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis

The reality of cannabis in Uruguay 4 years after regulation

The reality of cannabis in Uruguay. Some aspects of Uruguayan law that have not yet been implemented and others that were not contemplated in their day.

The reality of cannabis in Uruguay. After this period of four years in which the government with its different ministries involved and the IRCCA (Institute for Regulation and Control of Cannabis) began to implement the law, one can begin to say that day by day arise aspects and needs that the law did not contemplate due to forgetfulness or fear of what they will say in the UN or in the surrounding countries.


From the first moment the Uruguayan government and the IRCCA walked fast to publish the necessary requirements for its legality and to qualify the licenses for the membership clubs. These clubs are now in all the departments of the country and have thousands of members who paid the entrance fee and now pay for each gram of cannabis flowers as estimated by each of them, depending on the production costs. According to information that the Cannabis Institute shows on its website, it would be exactly 33.


Regarding the self-cultivators, it was also enabled everything quite quickly and despite the reluctance of many Uruguayans to identify themselves as such at present, there are more than six thousand people who did. It must be said that Uruguay is a small country with a population of only 3.4 million.

There was a first phase in which the police still did not have clear guidelines from the Ministry of the Interior and there were a series of painful situations for the growers who, in unfortunate actions, the uniformed people confiscated their plants.


The most important thing about this law for the cannabis industry and for the two companies that obtained the production licenses, which have been ready for sale for several months in pharmacies, still hasn’t come. First it was the country’s pharmacies that set up a little media circus against the sale and then the arrival to the presidency of Tabaré Vázquez, it took the priority to the sale of marijuana in pharmacies.

On the other hand, it would not be a problem for the Cannabis Institute to reach an agreement and enable the sale in a chain of telephone card stores, recharges, payments and lotteries that already have premises for almost all the territory.

At the same time, we must understand the fear of pharmacies because Uruguay is a country with a lot of culture of violence and theft. Taxis are the most uncomfortable in America since they are armored and in case of an accident is better not to think about that. It is not uncommon to hear some Uruguayan boast that the country has the best thieves.

In fact, a gardener who took care of a club’s marijuana plants has already been shot to steal the crop. And the crops of the winning companies were also penetrated by thieves who jumped the police fence that protects them.

In the country, there is also a considerable percentage of hooligans and a lot of drugs, taxi drivers who drive like crazy high on cocaine and thousands of young people with their lives destroyed by the base paste or crack, which incomprehensibly for a country so easy to control is sold in its streets.


Apart from these data that should not be forgotten, are coming to light aspects that did not contemplate the law of cannabis in its day and that are a necessity. We speak for example of the issue of selling cannabis to tourists, which is simple to regulate.

What you can not think about is that a tourist when they come to Uruguay if they smoke marijuana will not do it, reality tells us otherwise.

I participated in the debate and drafting table of the law, I was always insistent with that aspect and the answer was always the same. “The tourist who wants to smoke will have to make friends with an Uruguayan.”

Well, friends, this weekend was the first police action against this type of practice in a Maldonado club that was advertised in an Argentine newspaper as a tasting club for foreigners.

We assume that over time and with a little more experience there will be no problems so that tourists of legal age can legally enjoy our favorite marijuana varieties during their stay in Uruguay.

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