Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
cannabis paradises

11 Cannabis paradises

Nowadays more and more countries around the world assume flexible policies about marijuana, here we present an updated 2018 list with the paradises that every cannabis consumer should know, whether they seek cannabis sativa, indica cannabis or any of the many varieties that abound today.

11. India

paraisos del cannabis india

From this region of the world come the main varieties of marijuana, a place where this plant belongs since ancient times as part of its culture and tradition. Officially, cannabis is not legal in any way in India, although in reality, it is a practice widely tolerated and used in various provinces of the country, where it acquires an almost spiritual value. Cannabis is not only an essential component of Hindu culture, the “bhang”, as they call it, is considered a source of happiness and life, which is used for a variety of purposes, from increasing sexual potency, to speed up the mind and improve health. The chara, which is a resin similar to hashish, is one of the most common forms of consumption for tourists, who can also enter through the many traditional rites, where spiritual strengthening is also sought, so a journey testing Indian cannabis, it is an enriching and unforgettable experience.



10. Switzerland

paraisos del cannabis suiza

Although medical marijuana has been a reality in Switzerland for several years, recreational cannabis has been legalized in recent years, although in a light version of cannabis with high levels of CBD. The term “light” is very appropriate for this variety, since this type of plant has just 1% THC, so the euphoric effects are lighter than in a common sativa cannabis. Although this has allowed CBD cannabis can be easily achieved in any kiosk of the picturesque Swiss streets, although being almost identical at a first glance to other varieties such as cannabis sativa, a clandestine market has proliferated that allows also to acquire more powerful species. Switzerland is attractive, as well as its spectacular bucolic landscapes, the enormous security and the passive environment, make it an ideal environment to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, which is why more and more tourists visit it to enjoy its many varieties of cannabis high in CBD.



9. North Korea

Ip tambae is the term used in North Korea to refer to cannabis, a species so common, that it is easy to find a plant growing on the street or see houses with several trees in the garden for personal consumption. It is the only country in the world where there is no legislation regarding cannabis, that is, although it is not clearly classified as a legal plant, nor is there any regulation that sanctions it. And although North Korea is quite strict and has enormous penalties for the trafficking and consumption of synthetic drugs, with respect to natural ones such as cannabis and opium, it is quite permissive, and is also part of the culture of the country. For this reason, even soldiers use it regularly in their time to relax, although it should be remembered that North Korea is a country with multiple restrictions for tourists, so there is no cannabis café or places officially for their consumption. The best thing is to try to make friends with someone, maybe a taxi driver, and although it is not easy to convince them, with a little cordiality and perhaps a little gift to facilitate the procedures, you can get enough to spend an enjoyable holiday, and despite the fact that varieties are generally entirely organic and therefore not too overpowering, it results in a unique experience that every good smoker can appreciate.


8. Australia

The cannabis in Australia is one of the most valued in the world because its geographical characteristics make it a magnificent place for the growth of species such as cannabis sativa, which is also the reach of tourism. Not so in all the provinces of Australia, but particularly cities like Nimbin, have become the mecca of hippies in the country of kangaroos because there was also one of the first places in the world where the coffee shops became a reality. Year after year thousands of tourists visit the region, attracted by the beauty of the coast and Australian waves, which combine wonderfully with the different varieties of cannabis, because not only can you enjoy them inside the cannabis clubs, but also take a little to carry in small doses. This liberal atmosphere has also allowed the proliferation of a great variety of colorful businesses, which maintain that somewhat hippie style and with that attractive hemp smell that captivates visitors from all over the world.


7. Jamaica

paraisos del cannabis jamaicaThis small island country has also become one of the great meccas of cannabis worldwide, because although it is technically not legal, in reality there are multiple zones of tolerance for tourists, where you can easily enjoy this thousand-year-old plant. A canoe trip through the clear rivers that cross the Jamaican jungle areas, is one of the most magical experiences that a good cannabis smoker can enjoy, because there are also quite powerful varieties and different forms of smoking, which allows having multiple cannabis experiences. It is no coincidence that here is also the cradle of reggae and Rastafarianism worldwide, so if you want to enjoy some of the best Jamaican music clubs, or live in a commune with dreadlocks that smoke up to your ears, this place is your ideal option, plus they also have some of the most liberal and daring nightclubs on the planet.


6. Nepal

paraisos del cannabis nepalThe main marijuana species, such as cannabis sativa and indica cannabis, have their place of origin around the Himalayas, so here you can enjoy some of the most ancient and original varieties of the cannabis world. In Nepal, for many decades cannabis was totally legal, so that coffee shops and places of sale proliferated everywhere, and although in recent years new restrictions have been adopted, it is not difficult to get it now, besides it is quite economical and powerful. It should also be noted that when combined with the height of its imposing mountains, as well as its spectacular scenery, the experience is even more intense and amazing, capable of offering unforgettable trips, ideal for those who like to smoke in natural environments. In Nepal, cannabis also has a spiritual use, and to this day, multiple festivals and religious celebrations continue using it, where cannabis abounds and is also available to tourists.


5. Canada

paraisos del cannabis canadaFor several years, Canada has established itself as one of the foremost marijuana paradises, particularly in cities on the west coast such as Vancouver, where cannabis shops have become quite familiar and successful, where you can still buy marijuana seeds from the better quality, as well as some quirky devices to give original puffs. Although this seems to continue on the rise, and by the summer of 2018, the government of Justin Trudeau has set the goal of decriminalizing cannabis nationally, so anyone can carry up to 30 grams of cannabis without fear of being arrested or being doing anything illegal. But Canada is not only a cannabis paradise for the great freedom that allows smokers, but also the country is a great attraction for its extensive natural areas, its huge lakes, and in many places particularly in the north it is possible to appreciate incomparable shows such as the aurora borealis, which are even more spectacular with the sharpening of the senses offered by marijuana. It may not be the most economical country for marijuana tourism, but here there is also a wide variety of hybrid species that are also some of the most powerful and attractive that can be enjoyed worldwide.


4. Spain

In recent years cannabis clubs in Spain have multiplied, especially in regions such as Madrid, the Basque Country and Catalonia, although there is possibly no place with greater growth as Barcelona, who now competes seriously to become the great mecca of cannabis in Europe. Barcelona is rapidly positioning itself as the epicenter of cannabis in Europe, not only because of its legal and social openness, but also through renowned fairs such as the Spannabis or the ArcView Group, the city is becoming the center of discussions, debates and exhibitions about the cannabis world. In addition, various companies are increasing investments in cannabis businesses in Barcelona, and not only physicists, applications have also emerged that facilitate access to marijuana dispensaries in Catalonia, thus shaping a broad culture for lovers of the cannabis benefits. This does not mean that the regulation of cannabis in Barcelona is totally legal and clear, since, as is the case in all of Spain, there are still many ambiguous factors in the law, although at least decriminalization of personal cultivation has been carried out. private, and particularly in Catalonia there is a more solid regulation that allows the formation of cannabis clubs, which is the main means that is also attracting tourism.

3. Holland

paraisos del cannabis holandaThe Netherlands continues to be one of the leading paradises of marijuana in the world and in spite of the fact that in recent years more severe policies have been created that have resulted in less than half of the coffee shops that were available in the 90’s., a market that is particularly distinguished by the high quality and variety of cannabis that can be enjoyed still prevails. Some years ago, cannabis was more tolerated in the Netherlands than it is now, although the increase in crime rates in areas close to coffee shops led to a legal assault where restrictions were increased and many of the cannabis-selling places had to close. Amsterdam is still the capital of cannabis in the Netherlands, although it is also possible to access this type of club in other cities such as Rotterdam, Utrecht or The Hague, and although the growth of this type of establishment has stopped, there is still a considerable amount of places. It is also important to take into account that many of the municipalities have adopted an even more restrictive policy that limits access only for Dutch citizens, although this depends on the place, so it is still possible to access as a tourist some coffee shops in places with greater openness. As it has been since these places were legalized in the Netherlands, you can only buy cannabis if you are of legal age, and only for your consumption inside the establishment, although of course with some tricks many evade this restriction. And although it is illegal to carry this substance, there are also tolerance limits that allow it to be transported as long as it is only a few grams, which is worthwhile for a tour of the Dutch channels, among many other tourist attractions that it has to offer the country.

2. Uruguay

paraisos del cannabis uruguayCurrently, there is no place in the world with a legalization policy as broad as that which exists in Uruguay, the only country on the planet where planting, buying, storing and consuming cannabis at the national level is legal, both for medicinal, as scientific and also recreational. This means that a Uruguayan lives in the biggest paradise of marijuana in the world, since he does not have to face legal problems and can enjoy with all the tranquility of a good joint, brownie, or any other form of consumption. Although if Uruguay does not lead this list with the best havens in the world, it is because it is not yet legal for tourism, and in fact one of the basic principles of the legislation, is to inhibit the use of cannabis in foreign visitors. But if you are not Uruguayan do not worry, a recent study carried out by the European Union, documented that 67%, that is, practically 2 out of every 3 foreign tourists in Uruguay, recognized that they had the opportunity to have an approach with the millenary plant. And the fact that any citizen can access sativa cannabis, allows easily with a waiter, a taxi driver, or simply through a good Uruguayan friend, you can also access and enjoy these plants that can be purchased with full freedom in the pharmacy. This has led to an analysis of the possibility of opening up tourism, although to date this only remains part of the parliamentary debate.

1. West Coast of the United States

paraisos del cannabis costa oeste usa

Although currently the great capital of cannabis tourism, we have it on the West Coast of the United States, since from California, through Nevada, Oregon, Washington and even Alaska, there are several state policies of tolerance to cannabis. Similarly, in states like Colorado, a tourist can freely access the cannabis shops and buy up to 7 grams of the presentation plant ready for consumption, so people from all over the world can come here and enjoy with total security and tranquility of this delicious plant. But not only that, in the United States has also developed as anywhere in the world, an extensive cannabis industry, so there is a huge variety of hybrid species, organic, hydroponic and all kinds, which allows you to access a spectacular and attractive menu that every good smoker can widely value. Likewise, the West Coast of the United States also has a great variety of tourist and natural attractions that combine well with cannabis, from the beautiful beaches of the Californian coast, the imposing Rocky Mountains, the alternative environment of Seattle, or the Aurora Borealis in Alaska to mention a few examples.


Brief guide with what you should know about cannabis

Here we will try to clarify some of the main doubts about marijuana, from an objective and scientific perspective.

Types of marijuana

Currently there is an extensive number of marijuana varieties, although in general terms we can divide them into 4 main groups.

Cannabis sativa

This is one of the original variants of cannabis, it has its origin in the Himalayas, although it currently grows easily in tropical areas; it is the leaf that typically represents the marijuana symbol. Sativa cannabis plants grow taller than other species, but the flowering period also takes longer, although they are rich in delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which as you know, is that active substance that is so appreciated of cannabis recreational For this reason, notably offers a tone of greater euphoria, so it gets along well with activities such as dancing, playing or involving recreational actions.

Cannabis indica

This is another of the primary species of cannabis, although it is a variant of sativa. It is characterized by thicker leaves and a more intense green hue. Indica cannabis is the most widely used in the medicinal field, because they also have a higher proportion of CBD and lower THC, although this does not mean that recreational consumption is not enjoyed, although it favors relaxation activities more, It also produces some analgesic effect.

Cannabis ruderalis

This species is also derived from cannabis sativa, although it was developed primarily in the frigid areas of Siberia. It is also used in the field of medicine for its high proportion of CBD and analgesic qualities, and although it does not have much THC, it does have conditions of resistance and growth capacity in low light, which has led to its use for the creation of hybrid species.


Currently, most of the cannabis that can typically be purchased belongs to one of the thousands of hybrid variants that have developed in the world. These are plants created with artificial processes, some more organic, and others also include genetic modification characteristics, seeking to give life to unique species and with exceptional capabilities, both for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Is marijuana harmful?

Smoking will never be good for your health, even though the use of cannabis is much less harmful if it is compared not only with other substances socially classified as drugs, but even less harmful than other legal substances such as alcohol or tobacco. This has been demonstrated by profound academic studies such as that of scientist David Nutt, widely recognized by modern science, and where it is known that cannabis not only has a much lower capacity to generate addiction when compared to tobacco, alcohol or cocaine; but also, if measured according to their physical damage, the impact is also much less than these substances, and undoubtedly incomparable with really harmful compounds such as barbiturates or heroin.

cannabis paradises happy 420


How is it safer to use marijuana?

Cannabis can not only be consumed through smoke, but also through food, although due to the amount of pesticides that are currently used in the industry, it is important to wash and boil the herb before going to use for consumption in this way; considering also that the effect, although it may take longer to arrive, may be more intense and appear suddenly. Sometimes we have the myth that smoking in narghile is healthier because it filters the smoke, which is totally false, organism like the WHO have campaigned due to the multiple scientific researches that reveal that smoking in hookah is more harmful than doing it with a cigar, so in no case is it recommended as a usual practice. Instead, vaporizers have emerged as a healthier alternative, because you can save yourself the consumption of hundreds of toxic substances that are released in the combustion process, which does not happen when you simply heat the plant to release the steam and with it receive enough THC. Even so, there are no deaths worldwide reported by the direct consumption of marijuana, in any case you can suffer some temporary side effects, so in reality the only risk is to commit reckless acts such as driving a vehicle, since the reflexes and capacities of concentration are altered, although also at a much lighter level to how you can get to lose consciousness with substances such as alcohol. So now you know, cannabis has a great variety of goodies and magical places where you can enjoy it, just remember that excess and irresponsibility do not go hand in hand, although taking into account the fundamental recommendations, it is a beautiful flower and millenary that well used can make you happy any day.


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