Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
White Widow

White Widow, quality cannabis genetic

White Widow is a hybrid created in 1994 by the great breeder Shantibaba.

From the very same moment of its birth, the White Widow had a overwhelming success. A success that continues lasting nowadays due to its unquestionable quality, strong effect and facility to grow. Just one year after its creation, it won the first prize in the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup. This award is synonymous of internationally recognized quality.

Ancestors of the White Widow variety

It is a cross between a male sativa landrace from Brazil and another female sativa/ indica landrace from Kerala, in south of India. Kerala has the best temples of India and, as cannabis is a divine plant to communicate with the supreme God, Krisna, the priests have been cultivating the best plants across the whole subcontinent.

Shantibaba spent his time with the creator of this landrace, which allowed him to know the environmental conditions of its cultivation. This allowed him to select the best seeds for his purpose: the creation of the White Widow. By the way, its name is due to the huge amount of trichomes that give off its flowers. It seems like a Christmas tree in winter. Such amount of resin produces not only quantity; it gives high quality and a colossal psychoactive effect too. In fact, sometimes it reaches up to 20% of THC.

Effect of White Widow

The effect is mostly cerebral, very long lasting and very strong. It is quite common to go through moments of wild laughter that makes you feel like you are going to split the epiglottis. Because of this, it is a very advisable genetic to share a good time with your friends in fun meetings. But the effect is relaxing too. It is relaxing but not lethargic. Don’t forget it has a 60% of indica and a 40% sativa. Very few genetics have such a good balance in the effect.

It is one of the most successful genetics to fight the addiction to opiates and more concretely to heroin.

If you chose this strain you must know it tends to open the appetite very much. This property makes the White Widow a very medicinal plant, specially for people without appetite because of chemotherapy. But it is important to know this effect if you are following a diet. In this case you better have your refrigerator full of light products because you will eat them all up.

The cannabis landraces tend to absorb all the odors and fragrances of their environment. As all the ancestors of the White Widow come from the tropics, it is normal the exotic and tropical organoleptic properties this plant has. And it is normal too the after taste to species you feel when you smoke it. It comes from the numerous species cultivated in these areas.

Given its huge commercial success, many breeders started to cross it with another strains, to the point that each bank had its own version. In our marijuana seeds bank we call the Withw Widow, URUWHITE.

To differentiate from the rest of the breeders, Shantibaba kept his original plant but changed the name: Black Widow instead of White Widow. And it was marketed by Mr. Nice Seeds. We are going to see some of the comments made by Shantibaba about his creation.

“It is quite common that some people find sativa phenotypes in 18 seeds packs. In fact, the female I chose to join these two plants , led me to perform about 200 tests. This is nothing compared with the Super Silver Haze; plant that required you to do more than 1000 tests, based on several seeds and years of work.

However, the most important thing is the reduction of the flowering period of the White Widow to 10 weeks. To get it, is necessary to find the indica phenotype plant and cut a good cutting from the same mother plant, and start the flowering period, which will take between 9 and 11 weeks. It is very important to remember that this plant gives off its best potential during the last 3 weeks of the flowering period. Therefore, if we cut the plant too early, we will not enjoy all its virtues.

In fact, many people have found incredible White Widows; but not all the seeds are the same. In fact, the parameters of culture can vary from one plant to another. One can need more fertilization than others.

This strain has helped many growers. But is not simple to find a really exceptional plant, as it happens with the variety Shark Shock.”

And, moreover, he continues:

“A friend of mine from Brazil gave his landrace a very descriptive name: The One. I really expect this little review had satisfied your necessities. But what I wish the most is you to remember that White Widow comes from these 2 IBL and it was finally created after 2,5 years of tough work.

2IBL means 2 hybrids. It is important to remember that most of the strains containing the word white come from the White Widow.

La Niña or El Niño: Haze X Black Widow

Shark Shock or Great White Shark : Skunk 1 X Black Widow

White Rhino or Medicine Man: Afgani X Black Widow

To create all these crosses, has been necessary start with a male Blacck Widow cutting selected by Shantibaba .

The White Widow or Black Widow is advisable for both, expert and novice growers. Mainly because it is very easy to grow. It is resistant to pathogens and very productive. Cultivating them is always a safe bet.

When a new strain is born, due to one or several hybrids, eventually, the result is so brilliant that many growers decide to cultivate it always. Usually this occurs for quality criteria, but for a question of quantity too.

When a grower cultivates a large number of seeds or cuttings of White Widow, he knows is a safe bet. He knows the harvest will be large, that the culture will not have pathogens and that, in financial terms, it will be very profitable.

But when you cultivate always White Widow, it is not necessarily for profit. There are some growers who opt for plants whose success is guaranteed and its quality is legendary. I am a cannabis researcher and for this reason I always cultivate different genetics. But, in order to be sure I obtain at least one excellent plant, I always cultivate a White Widow among others varieties.

Coming back to the subject of the growers who always cultivate the same variety, we must explain that these strains become what in botanic terms in known as “heirlooms”. The heirlooms are those genetics that, even though they are not original landraces (they are crosses), are considered “quasi original” after being cultivated over and over again, in the same place and under identical environmental conditions.

Doing this, season after season, the phenotype obtained can be considered a heirloom. And the White Widow are already real heirlooms. They are always cultivated by the same growers in different climates and countries.

In Ketama Seeds we have the URUWHITE, variety of cannabis with White Widow genes. It is the result of selections with which we have worked and selected since 1997.

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