Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
CBN cannabinol cannabis

What is CBN (Cannabinol) in cannabis?

CBN (Cannabinol). A cannabinoid with sedative effects

So far the science has discovered 111 cannabinoids in cannabis plants. We all know THC and CBD. But, what about the rest? Each cannabinoid has its own properties. Most of people think CBN is simply a cannabinoid that comes from THC but it is much less potent. It has a little presence in cannabis buds and, of course, is far less potent than THC. In fact, CBN appears when the THC begins to degrade. It increases its amount when the flowers degrade and maybe this is the reason why very few people are interested on it. However, medicine has found that it has some benefits that we can find in some cannabis products like creams for the skin, edible products, capsules and others.

Many companies have discovered its sedative properties. As a matter of fact CBN is the most sedative cannabinoid. It doubles the sedative capacity of valium, and it is natural.

Why indica strains have more relaxing effect than sativa ones? Very simple. Because they have higher amounts of CBN. That is why they make you feel kind of sleepy.

Before going ahead, we must explain the properties of what we are going to call “raw cannabis”. What is it? Most of growers think that when the plant is growing it produces THC. But this is not exact. The plant produces THCA which is a non – psychoactive compound. But when we dry and heat the flowers, THCA becomes THC, which is psychoactive. THCA , when aged, becomes CBNA and this compound becomes later simple CBN.

CBN is an excellent product to stimulate appetite. Some studies carried out with rats proved that the animals fed with CBN have more appetite and the sensation of hunger lasts more. And, remember, it is a non – psychoactive cannabinoid.

A study made in 2006 proved that CBN has the ability to control the growth of cancer cells. CBN was specifically able to control a type of lung tumor named Lewis carcinoma.

Other studies found that CBN has anticonvulsant capacity. And later, in 2002, some Swedish researchers from the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at Lund University Hospital discovered that cannabinol and THC are pain killers.

CBN is also efficient to treat certain skin diseases like psoriasis and burns.

CBN capsules are excellent for insomnia. Capsules make it easy to know exactly how much you’re consuming in a single sitting. But there are other possibilities to consume higher doses of CBN.

The mix of CBD and CBN has helped veterans from Irak and Afghanistan to quit fentanyl patches and opiate addictions. The main difference between cannabinol and the other cannabinoids is its enormous sedative ability. It can also stimulate appetite and stop anxiety without the side effects of a medication like valium and others.

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