Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis

Shipping policy

From our official online store we send  our seeds to any country in the world. No matter the area or region.

In Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and the whole world our seeds are delivered at home.

In our online store of cannabis seeds the payment can be made with both credit and debit card.

Using this way the client will be paying with the official money used in his country. And the currency exchange will be the official used in the country of destination when the shipment ordered has been paid .

If you want to calculate the value of your currency exchange you can use this currency converter.

During the last moment of the payment, our web uses a safe server (SSL) in order to guarantee the safest way to pay.

The shipment method is always very discreet. The sender appears like a person. The package has not outside evidences of its real content.

We send our products via the official post office of Spain and the delivery is made by the official post office of the customer country, either at the customer home or wherever he decides at the moment of the purchase.

In case there is nobody at the delivery point when the postman gets there, he will leave a message for the customer and he/she will be able to get it from the post office.

Every order has a following code given to us by the Spanish post office so that the customer may always know where the shipment is. This code will be sent to the customer as soon as the order  leaves our store.

Delivery times from our store of cannabis seeds

The package to send will be ready one day after the reception of the order.

 Inside Spain all orders are delivered between 24 and 48 hours.

Europe:  2 – 5 days

South America (ARGENTINA – URUGUAY) : 8 -10 days

PUERTO RICO:  6 – 8 days

MEXICO, NICARAGUA, COSTA RICA and CHILE: more than 1 month

Rest of the continent: 12 – 15 days

Africa:  15 – 20 days


SPAIN: 6 euros

EUROPE: 6 euros


Visiting our online store of cannabis seeds you can see all the characteristics and prices of each variety that is in the KETAMA SEEDS catalogue. Inside this catalogue you will find autoflowering and feminized seeds from all the different genetics we have to cultivate both outdoor and indoor.

The customer is responsible for knowing the legislation about cannabis  in his country of residence.

Possession of cannabis seeds in Spain is not a crime ( Vienna Convention 1961) . Cultivating cannabis may be administratively sanctioned and punished criminally (Article 25.1 Organic Law for the protection of citizens safety and article 368 Penal Code).

Import, tenure, distribution and sale  of cannabis seeds is not regulated by law, according to the unilateral  treaty over narcotics (Vienna treaty 1961).

In some countries, like Spain, cultivating cannabis seeds by particulars, associations or companies, without its corresponding authorization,  can be considered  a crime. Therefore, in these countries the sale of cannabis seeds is legal only for collecting, industrial or genetic preservation.

Ketama Seeds distributors and customers,   accept  the specific restriction that cannabis seeds cannot be used by third persons  with illegal purposes.

When we sell  our seeds we don’t  want to promote or induce to act against the law. Every customer must be responsible of his acts.  Our customers are supposed to accept all the previous referred legislation  about exportation in countries like USA, France, Germany or wherever it is illegal.

Ketama Seeds is not responsible for any illegal use of its seeds. They are meant for collecting purposes only.

In Spain and many other European cities, selling cannabis seeds is legal. But it might be illegal in your country. We  recommend you to get informed in advance. Otherwise you are meant to assume all the responsibility of your behavior.  Ketana Seeds cannot be responsible of the different  laws  that are followed by each country.

It is forbidden to buy seeds from countries where this is prohibited.  For example USA, Australia, Germany and any other country where possession of cannabis seeds  might be  illegal.   Anyway, in case a buyer from none of the previously mentioned before buys illegally and without information our seeds, Ketama seeds declines any responsibility about legal problems and will not return any money for retained or refused shipments in the border.

The description of these and other products for sale, described in this web ,  has been extracted from companies and specialized books written in countries where laws don’t forbid the consumption of certain psychoactive substances, like Holland, or like in Uruguay the consumption of cannabis too. This means that the fact of certain descriptions making allusions to their effects after its consumption, IN ANY CASE it means you can consume them. It is mere information because these products are sold for medical and therapeutic purposes and only meant for botany students, naturalists, collecting, souvenirs from Holland etc.

If they are used for human consumption is just under the buyer responsibility and above this fact, the company declines any responsibility.

We asked for your commitment and responsibility.

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