Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
northern lights marijuana flower

Northern Lights, a classic of marijuana

Northern Lights it is already a real classic in the universe of cannabis. And it is by own merits.

Whoever had tried or cultivated Northern Lights will agree with this affirmation. From its creation in 1985 it has shown with its own light and although it has been a long time since then, it continues being one of the most prestigious strains among the growers.

Northern Lights aurora-borealisIts origin comes from pure landraces in Afghanistan. It is an almost pure indica (90%) whose characteristics are the typical of those genetics but taken to their highest quality quotas. It has the three Rs: it is rapid, resistant and resinous. Immediately we will abound in these properties.

Its THC levels range between 15% and 21% which make it one of the most powerful of the sector. A couple of drags are enough to reach a perfect balance between euphoria and physical relax. Its CBD levels aren’t specially high, so it is not particularly recommended for certain disorders like convulsions where higher amounts of this cannabinoid are recommended. We say is an “almost pure indica” because it is not completely sure if a sativa /Thai) intervened in his creation, which lifted its levels of THC. In fact it is difficult to specify certain aspects of its origin. It has been said that it was created in an island of Washington State by a grower called “the Indian” at the end of the seventies. The reality is that nobody knows certainly some aspects of its origin.

It can be considered a medical plant but not for some disorders that can be treated with CBD. It is very good, for example, for insomnia, or the lack of appetite. The effect is so rapid that within seconds we will feel a muscular relax that induces drowsiness, allowing the dream to come easily. And for the same reason it is antidepressant.

Being probably the most adverse effects the cottonmouth and red eyes. Don’t smoke it before a job interview or any other situation where you want to be discreet.

We have said it is a rapid, resistant and resinous. It is very fast indeed because it needs only between 45 and 50 days (indoor) for the flowering period. It is very resistant to adverse conditions of culture; heritage of its afghan ancestors where cold nights, poor soils and long periods of drought are very frequent. And finally it is very resinous. Precisely its resistance is due to that sticky layer of resin that covers and decorates its beautiful flowers.

These inflorescences give off sweet odors and tastes with subtle nuances of spices. As the original landrace comes from Afghanistan and the plants absorb the surrounding smells, it is curious how these seeds continue having the smell of conifers of the mountains where they thrive. And therefore, the aftertaste to these trees (junipers, pines and firs). It is equally recognizable that touch of musk typical of cannabis plants. Its buds can be so filled up of trichomes that eventually and depending on the phenotype, seem to be covered by snow.

However, the smell is not too remarkable; something very important for those who prefer to be discreet. Because of its flowers density and its origin of desert zones, it is a plant with certain sensibility to fungi. It tolerates very well a drought, but not the excess of humidity. Keep it in mind according to the climate where you cultivate (outdoor).

However, these organoleptic properties, very discreet while cultivating, can be increased after the harvest if we cure the flowers properly. To cure the flowers ,after we dry them, is always advisable and highly beneficial in every sense. But when it comes to the Northern Lights, the cure is even more important , because all these odors and fragrances that are discreet while the culture is going on, result very desirable when we smoke the buds. Because this genetic comes from an area where the conifers and arid land are very common, the fact of curing the flowers in a cedar or pine tree box for a couple of months , will enhance the organoleptic properties of this plant. The unmistakable smell to Lebanese red cedar and the earthy taste , will be a real pleasure for our senses.

It loves the sunny Mediterranean climate. It tolerates the hottest temperatures of the torrid summers and, on top of it, we will be rewarded with a great harvest. Its morphology is compact and short. It is not tall but it compensates this fact with its compact structure (short internodes distance). By the end of September, sometimes mid September, depending on the phenotype and climate, you will cut a plant able to give more than 900 grams of dry flowers. This high production makes this genetic very desirable for commercial growers. Quality and quantity are part of the identity of this cannabis legend.

In Ketama Seeds we pay homage to the Northern Lights witth our autoflowering seeds NORTHERN MOROCCO AUTO

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