Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Marijuana's quality

Marijuana’s quality in the world

In these autumnal days in which the marijuana harvest in the southern hemisphere is ready for drying and curing, in places in the northern hemisphere where it is already spring people are preparing to germinate their marijuana seeds for outdoor cultivation during the summer season

Marijuana’s quality in the world varies a lot from one place to another and does not respond to the typical parameters with which any fruit that Mother Nature brings can be measured.

The different laws on marijuana in force in each country are ultimately those that allow their citizens to buy marijuana seeds for self-cultivation, and therefore those responsible for the quality of marijuana in the world.

After many years of marijuana illegalization, we can clearly see how this situation is more than improving public health, it clearly makes it worse.

We started to review the different countries of Europe where we will find places like Holland with very high-quality levels, and we also find a lot of different varieties of cannabis flowers and hashish in Amsterdam’s Coffee Shops and other cities.

In Russia and the eastern countries, despite being banned in most countries, there is a fairly good quality marijuana and the typical black hash of Afghanistan.

In places like France, Italy and Germany, where hashish from Morocco has traditionally been consumed, it is increasingly common to find marijuana flowers of good quality for sale. At the same time that these countries have a high level of purchasing power there is a wide range of good quality hashish.

If we look at Spain and Portugal we see that more and more people consume marijuana flowers of good quality and because of its proximity to Morocco there is also Hashish of different qualities. In Spain also, more and more cities have cannabis clubs that in a closed circuit system grow their own marijuana plants for members.

In African countries, where there is no clear legislation on the matter, good marijuana from local varieties produced in the same countries is consumed in an ecological way.

In Asia, in places like Thailand, Burma, Cambodia there are marijuana flowers of very good quality, although due to its harsh legislation smoking a joint can make life difficult for you.

Unlike in these complicated countries for the marijuana user mentioned above, in North Korea where the only freedom that citizens seem to have is to cultivate and consume marijuana, they have good quality flowers.

In India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Lebanon people smoke good marijuana flowers and the best varieties of local hashish.

In the United States where traditionally used Mexican marijuana or marijuana of quite quality, currently due to legislative advances, has greatly increased the level of quality and supply of different varieties of cannabis, hashish, and extractions.

In countries such as Colombia and Mexico with a long tradition of marijuana cultivation, the high quality cannabis variety chart is quite broad and growing today.

On the opposite side we find the sad reality of countries like Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and even Uruguay where we find in their streets the typical Paraguayan pressing with a stinking smell of ammonia that destroys the lungs and brains of those who smoke it assiduously.

Once again we see how the illegalization harms the health of cannabis consumers by having to go to a black market to buy something that nobody tells you is in an optimal state.

The only way to control the quality of cannabis is to allow it to be cultivated by consumers. Small productions of high quality against industrial productions of companies that only look for profitability and nobody knows what they do in the crops, or even worse, marijuana from the mafia cultivated and manipulated without any kind of care.

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