Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis

How to germinate cannabis seeds

Feminised cannabis seeds, it all starts with a good germination

Not being in a hurry and following some simple tips the path to success is guaranteed

How to germinate cannabis seeds. Provided you are in one of those countries where cultivating cannabis for self-cultivation is legal, you are lucky.

But if you live in a country which still has to update its legislation to the social reality of cannabis, you better keep your seeds in a jar or hermetic tube and put them in a dark and dry place. The day the law allows you to cultivate, these tips will be equally useful.

After buying the seeds of marijuana and when it comes to the germination .many people have doubts about the way this should be done.

There are several ways to germinate them and for the expert growers all are good.

This article came up due to the need of explaining to the new growers how to germinate marijuana seeds in a safe way and , at the same time, make them see that not always is as complicated  as they have been told frequently.

From our bank of marijuana seeds  we recommend you the best way to germinate and plant your marijuana seeds, putting them like we explain.

Firstly we can hydrate them leaving the seeds in a glass of water with 3 drops of peroxide. After few hours we will see that the good seeds will sink until the bottom of the glass. After this we should have the planter full of wet substratum on which we will make a little hole of about half centimeter deep. The seed will be placed and in this little hole made in the center of the planter.

After this we must bury the seed with a little bit of sprinkled substratum. Exactly the same way we do when adding salt to our food.

Using this way and with a temperature not lower than 18 Celsius degrees, in a range of time going from 12 hours to 8 days, all the marijuana seeds will sprout. Normally most of the seeds will germinate between 24 and 48 hours bur certain strains need more time to sprout.

If you wish you can put the seeds directly in the definite pot or in smaller pots. In this case, once the plant has reached certain size and a bigger size is needed you can transplant them to bigger pots; with more capacity.

Following our tips about how to germinate marijuana seeds you can be sure you will never ever have inconveniences.


How to germinate cannabis seeds


How to germinate cannabis seeds

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