Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
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Critical Mass. One of the most rapid cannabis strains

Critical Mass is already a legend. Many breeders use it to cross with other varieties in order to be sure that they get excellent plants with a remarkable high and enormous production. It was created by Scott Blake (ShantiBaba), crossing an Afghani landrace and a Skunk 1.

Critical Mass has very large buds that tend to snap their own branches, especially when the harvest is near and it rains a little bit. Due to the extra weight of the water plus the immense size of its buds, the branches break easily. For this reason it is advisable to attach them with ropes to the main stem.

Critical Mass has an incredible amount of THC, reaching a 22% in some cases. On top of it, Critical Mass has delicious organoleptic properties that reminds of the best Kush plants. After consume it your body feels kind of numb and you may feel lazy and relaxed.

The effect is very long lasting. Normally it lasts about almost three hours feeling very high. Of course it always depends on the dose. But, anyway, Critical Mass never defrauds.

It is important to be prudent when we consume it. This is due to its high amount of THC. It can make you feel dry mouth and in certain cases, paranoia. Therefore, be careful with the quantity you use. If you never tried it before, you better be prudent and start with a little or moderated dose.

Precisely because its high amount of THC you may feel dry mouth and eventually some paranoia. What can we do in these cases? Read again the previous paragraph and start with a little or moderate dose.

It also helps to open the appetite. Be careful in case you are following a diet. It also is one of the best choices for nausea and migraines. Its ability to ease nausea makes this strain a great choice for patients that are being treated with chemotherapy.

It is very easy to grow and very productive. These two characteristics make the Critical Mass a perfect strain for novices and growers who are looking for large quantities of marijuana. It can produce (indoor) up to 6 ounces per square feet. The flowering periods lasts between 6 and 8 weeks.

Obviously, Ketama Seeds couldn’t miss this opportunity. Our breeders are always looking for the excellence. It took time to stabilize our crosses with other genetics whose characteristics allowed us to obtain better genetics. It was a difficult task. But we got it…and proud of it!

We are very proud to offer some of our better crosses with Critical Mass. We recommend you trying the feminized Critikush, Critical Ketama, Critical Herer, Mujica Gold and Kemango, as feminized seeds. And of course, our autoflowering genetics Critical Auto and Critical Herer Auto.

Check out our web and see the information we give about each of these strains. All the growers who tried them have repeated. Why? Because we pamper every genetic we produce. And until it is not perfectly stable and tested, it doesn’t become part of our Ketama Seeds catalogue.

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