Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis

Everything you need to know about cannabis

There currently is a lot of confusion and misinformation about cannabis, here we will try to resolve, with documentary and scientific evidence, the main doubts; from how to buy marijuana seeds and make them grow, what are their effects, benefits, as well as the different types, forms of consumption and some important recommendations. History of cannabis

It should be noted that in reality cannabis is one of the plants that have accompanied the culture of the human being for millennia, some of the oldest pieces of evidence date back to more than 10 thousand years ago in Taiwan, even though the era of prohibition began just a century ago. The majority of species are derived from cannabis sativa and indica cannabis, which are varieties native to Central Asia, and from which there is evidence that for more than 2,000 years b.C. They were already used as a form of personal consumption in regions of China; and it is believed that it arrived in Europe around 5 centuries before our era, through trade routes with India and Africa. In fact, cannabis has always been close to many cultures due to its multiple benefits and medicinal effects; even in the trip that Columbus made to America, he took a good ration of cannabis, which was also the first plants that came to spread across the new continent. Cannabis was so common and normal, that George Washington ordered its cultivation, besides having been a source of inspiration for great artists like William Shakespeare. At the end of the 18th century, places to smoke cannabis were common in countries such as Turkey. In the late nineteenth century, Queen Victoria used it to relieve menstrual pain, and Henry Ford used his ethanol for testing what would later be the first car. It was at the beginning of the 20th century that it would begin to be prohibited; several historical research coincide in that behind the campaign to generate a negative image of cannabis, there were strong corporate interests, particularly of paper mills, who viewed with suspicion how this prodigious plant with many qualities and applications, continued to grow in importance, representing thus a threat to your business. That was how a period of prohibition began, often with ridiculous and totally fallacious arguments, although in recent years, a new process of legalization has been taking place worldwide, which progresses gradually.

How to buy cannabis

There are several ways to acquire cannabis, here we explain the main ones -legal, of course-.

Buy marijuana seeds

We start with this option that is currently the most recommended in countries with limited legalization, as is the case in Spain. Buying marihuana seeds and sowing them for personal consumption is completely legal – as long as you do not see them from the street – so it’s a good way to avoid getting into trouble. Although the legal issue is not the only advantage, but the main contribution is that it is your own crop where you can control in a very concrete growth conditions, which will provide greater certainty to ensure that no pesticides, agrochemicals are used or other harmful components that are common in commercial cannabis.

Through cannabis clubs

Despite the fact that a legal battle still persists in countries like Spain, in practice, cannabis clubs continue to represent a refuge and space for the legal acquisition of cannabis. By 2018, in regions such as Catalonia, there are already more than 700 active clubs, to which more than 165 thousand affiliates belong, who can buy up to 60 grams per month of the different varieties – of course, being over 21 years old and after making the affiliation process-. This allows you to access a wide variety of plants and types of cannabis, a system that also works in other parts of the world. In countries like Canada and in some entities in the United States, it is already possible to acquire marihuana also in specialized centers; although Uruguay is the country with the highest level of legalization, to the extent that you can buy marijuana in the pharmacy.

Marijuana seeds, how to grow it

The cannabis plant grows – like any other – from the germination of the seeds, so you can start by putting together a seedbed, for this initial phase. You can use the traditional method in the open air, although to have faster and more efficient results -you can generate about 300 grams per 17 plants-, you can use a method of artificial lighting and growth. For this you will essentially need a room, box or cupboard to isolate the plants from natural light and generate a process of development through artificial light. Of course, with a timer you can automate the phases of light and dark that are still necessary, but if you keep the humidity conditions between 40 and 60 percent, and the temperature between 24 and 30º, you can optimize the process of maturation of the plant. Of course, leave sufficient height according to the type of cannabis seeds, as well as a pot for each plant. And although all plants have the active component (Tetrahydrocannabinol -THC- or Cannabidiol -CBD-), female plants are the most attractive; not only for a better crop without seed, but also produce the best flowers or buds, which is what must finally be dried. Currently, specialized kits are already available with lamps, humidifiers, automated water pumps and everything necessary to have a highly efficient installation; although you can also build your own equipment, acquiring the basic elements. It only considers that some of this equipment can represent a high energy consumption, so it is recommended to also have a contribution of renewable energies to mitigate the impact on electricity rates.

Myths of marijuana

Here we try to answer some of the most common questions about cannabis. Is it true that it is very addictive?

Cannabis can generate a certain level of dependence, although in reality its power of addiction is much lower than other substances and drugs, including some legal ones such as alcohol and tobacco. It has been scientifically proven more than once that cannabis does not generate a physical need as it happens in other cases.

Is it true that marijuana makes you crazy?

In reality cannabis does not make you lose consciousness or the notion of what you are doing, and unlike other legal substances such as alcohol, where you can commit many crazy things and not even remember it, in the case of cannabis it is a very lighter, more relaxing and that in no time makes you lose your sanity.

What effects does cannabis produce?

Different species produce different effects, mainly depending on the proportion of THC or CBD. Both generate a sensation of relaxation and sharpening of the senses, which allows to appreciate every detail in a more pleasant way; although those varieties with more THC generate greater euphoria, while those where CBD dominates, the effect is more relaxing and somewhat sedative.

Can you give me an overdose of cannabis?

With the conventional methods of cannabis use, it is technically impossible to suffer an overdose of marijuana. Even if you wanted to commit suicide in this way, you would fall asleep long before you could ingest a dose that could be lethal to the body.

Will marijuana make me hallucinate?

No, usually cannabis does not produce hallucinations, unless it is combined with other substances, which is a very bad idea, especially with alcohol, since this can cause various harmful symptoms.

Is there any risk when using cannabis?

The most common condition that can occur after consuming cannabis is the famous ‘pale’ or ‘yellow’, a feeling of dizziness that may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and even signs of tachycardia. This phenomenon occurs more commonly in people not used to smoking, who have smoked too much or in a very hot or closed environment, which alters blood pressure and generates an instinctive response of the body to seek to neutralize the decompensation. In this sense, the first thing is to remain calm, to understand that it is an episode that lasts a few minutes, and from which you will gradually emerge just by resting, it is good to sit or lie down, to avoid risks due to possible fainting; although it is possible to recline on the side with some surface that allows slightly raising the feet, it is a good position for recovery. No sweets or food are recommended, since it can generate choking and nothing will help in the problem. If possible, move to a calm and ventilated place, and gradually the person with this condition can begin to recover in a few minutes. Actually, the biggest risk with cannabis is the act of committing reckless acts, such as trying to drive a car, as your reflexes and sensitivity change, which increases the risk of an accident.

Is cannabis harmful?

Yes, cannabis can be harmful in many ways, as can chicharrón, processed food, ‘Pringles’, trans fats and many other products. In fact, scientifically it has been shown that it is much less harmful than the vast majority of synthetic drugs, as well as other legal products such as alcohol and tobacco.

Types of cannabis

There are 4 main types of cannabis:

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis sativa. This type of cannabis has a high content of THC, so it is usually better to develop creativity, physical activities, to focus, combat depression and in general to acquire a more “upward” tone.

Indica Cannabis

Indica cannabis. This species comes from the same form of the Himalayan region, although in this case the predominant active element is CBD, which is why it is more widely used in the medicinal field, due to its sedative, relaxing effects, which inhibit anxiety and They also generate appetite; although with a tonality more “down”.

Cannabis Ruderalis

This species has its origin in Siberian areas, it is also rich in CBD, although it has unique characteristics of resistance and growth in low light.

Hybrid cannabis

Nowadays most of the commercial production of cannabis are hybrid species that have been developed to generate more attractive plants with different types of effects. Most people currently enjoy different varieties and hybrids with different percentages of indica or sativa that are mostly planted with feminized marijuana seeds.

Ways to use cannabis

Here are some of the main forms of recreational cannabis use through the lungs

One of the most used routes is through the lungs, although there are several ways.


The most recommended way for consumption in this way, is through vaporizers, because in this case the cannabis does not burn, it is only heated to a temperature sufficient to release the THC, but without all that load of toxins that is they come off when the grass burns. There is a wide variety of vaporizers, some are special for smoking liquid essences, although others are also adapted to vaporize dry grass. Through this way you avoid ingesting thousands of toxic substances – many of them carcinogenic – from the combustion process.


It is one of the most traditional, easy and simple ways to consume cannabis. It is only necessary to grind looking for powder, without rods or cannabis seeds, as these do not have THC and on the contrary, they can break the paper, or cause headaches.


There is also a wide variety of pipes and devices to burn cannabis. Some are made of wood, but there are also metal, glass, stone, and therefore lend themselves to a variety of shapes and designs.


Also called hookah or hookah, these devices are differentiated from the rest by the fact that they contain water, which somehow filters the smoke. This does not mean that it is less harmful, on the contrary, various health agencies have documented that this form of smoking, in fact involves greater risks, so it is advised against their habitual use, being the best to enjoy it only sporadically.

Through the digestive system

In the same way we can enjoy the pleasures of cannabis from the palate, although there are important implications that you should take into account: In food

Marijuana can also be enjoyed through a wide variety of foods, although the first thing to consider is the fact that this type of consumption involves greater risks, particularly the use of agrochemicals and fertilizers that are used in many cases.

Important safety notice

It is frequent that many of the recipes for cooking cannabis do not clarify this, but here we emphasize it in a special way because we do not want to generate one of the worst trips and sensations that you can have with cannabis, which is the fact of suffering an intoxication by consuming it orally. Neither is reason to produce fear, since in fact the consumption by the digestive route, has multiple advantages in comparison with the pulmonary ingestion, reason why simply taking care of the basic recommendations, you will be able to enjoy this form of consumption in a safe way.

If the cannabis you are going to consume, do not grow at home with organic or hydroponic processes, free of pesticides, it is best that before cooking, let it soak in water for 30 to 60 minutes at least. This will remove most of the dirt and fertilizer, but without altering its “effect”.

It is not water-soluble

Why do not you lose the “effect” of marijuana if you soak it in water? Due to the fact that their active compounds are liposoluble, not water-soluble; that is, THC is released when it is heated and mixed with some fat. This is why the best way to prepare cannabis to eat is through butter, which lends itself to the creation of brownies, cookies, pasta, or any other food you would prepare with this ingredient.

Beware of the effects

Cannabis, when consumed through food, also reaches the brain differently. At the outset it is important to moderate the amount, half a gram per person is sufficient, although of course, considering that there are varieties of a lot or little power, so you should start with very small doses to be able to gradually control the amount. Unlike inhaled or smoked, in cannabis eaten, the impact tends to take longer, but when it arrives it feels more strongly and suddenly. The fact that it takes longer to take effect, can cause the person to eat and eat more, believing that has not been enough, so be careful, and do not eat too large or concentrated, as the impact can be so big, that it generates unpleasant effects.

In this way also harmful reactions can occur, such as nausea, dizziness and even paranoia if the effects are not controlled; However, it is also best to keep calm, rest in a ventilated place, and if necessary a little mineral water can help mitigate the effects.

Cannabis in drinks

In a similar way you can also enjoy cannabis through beverages, although applying the same lipid-soluble principle. That is why through milk or other dairy, is a good example of how to more effectively release the THC of the plant, which is much more reduced, when trying through a tea, that is, from pure water. Of course it implies the same recommendations of previous cleaning and of care with the sudden and intense effects that can appear.

Of course, the consumption should be only for adults and with prior knowledge of what they are going to do, since otherwise they can generate quite risky and unpleasant surprises for the person who ingests drinks or foods with cannabis, and had no intention to experience the effects.

Uses of cannabis

Here are some of the many applications of cannabis


Undoubtedly, its multiple therapeutic properties are not only a cause for veneration worldwide, but also represent the majority of legal cannabis around the world. Currently prescribed to patients with conditions such as glaucoma, sclerosis, schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s, it reduces the progress of degenerative diseases. Its analgesic capacity also makes it a remedy with multiple advantages to address chronic pain; In addition, its ability to reduce the risk of attacks has been demonstrated, such as the case of epilepsy. It is also a good remedy for people who lose their appetite, although their contributions continue to be studied in a wide variety of fields of medicine.


As we pointed out at the beginning of this post, hemp as a form of fuel arose practically since Ford successfully launched its first vehicle, although at present, it is still exploring the potential of this plant as a biofuel. Hemp presents multiple advantages in relation to other crops for biofuel, one of the most important being the fact that it can contribute to the two main types: ethanol and biodiesel. The approximately 205 liters can be obtained per hectare, represent a much higher efficiency than other oils such as sunflower, rapeseed or soybean; and although in this sense it is not as productive as palm or coconut, it has the advantage that the plant can also be used for other purposes.


Likewise, hemp fibers continue to have an important presence due to their high quality. And not only through textiles, but also can make paper, besides being a competitor of cellulose. In fact, this type of crops is attracting the attention of more and more producers, since they represent a more sustainable alternative, than other cases such as cotton, which has also led to the emergence of an industry focused on the creation of organic products. from cannabis.

As you can see, the applications of cannabis are many, we hope to have solved your doubts, and if you have any question or comment, do not hesitate to participate.

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