Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
Semillas de marihuana – Semillas de cannabis
new strains of marijuana seeds

4 new strains of marijuana seeds in 2019

4 new varieties of marijuana seeds to add to our catalogue

These new varieties are completely different among themselves and, as usually, they have the highest quality as a common denominator.

The new strains of marijuana we are introducing have nice tastes and characteristics, both genetic and organoleptic , for the most demanding growers in the world.


nuevas variedades de semillas de marihuana ANANÁ

Ananá is a variety descendant of genetics from central Africa.

Ananá surprises everybody for its beauty and good – looking shape; not to mention its large purple flowers with their pineapple taste.

Ananá is a variety of marijuana that calls the attention because of its bluish leaves; almost black eventually.

Being a mostly sativa hybrid (70%) its effect is practically mental.

It is a plant with short flowering period, 55 days , that can be cultivated in all kind of climates.

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DIESEL HERER semillas feminizadas

DIESEL HERER inherits the all the strength and rich incense and eucalyptus flavors from the mythical JACK HERER mixed with the citric, contributed by KETAMA DIESEL.

Its level of psychoactivity is typical of sativa genetic.

It is a very nice – looking plant with a strong main stem that holds a large central bud and many strong and large flowers in other side branches.

DIESEL HERER is a very resistant plant that can be cultivated in all kind of climates.

More information about DIESEL HERER feminized seeds


FRUTILLA HAZE feminised cannabis seeds

The strain FRUTILLA HAZE is a 100% sativa variety that we add to our collection of HAZE genetics, with its own personality because that clear flavor to strawbwerry or little fruit that makes it irresistible, is absolutely atypical in HAZE genetics.

Its flowers are large and elongated. They hide the odor very well until the very same moment of the combustion.

FRUTILLA HAZE grows with enormous strength. Its branches become very long and can triple its height during the flowering period.

It has a very short flowering period for 100% sativa plant standards.

In indoor cultures is advisable to check the growing period to adapt it to the height of the room.

It is a cannabis variety suitable for outdoor in moderate climates.

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northern morocco auto ketama seeds bank

NORTHERN MOROCCO AUTO . It is a new autoflowering strain that is going to let us enjoy the flavor of NORTHERN LIGHTS and almost all its psychoactivity in a short period of time.

It is a very nice looking plant that produces a great harvest of large and consistent flowers impregnated of the sweet taste of the NORTHERN.

The flowering period begins from the third week counting from the germination.

It is very easy to grow and advisable for those who want an early harvest of top quality flowers.

More information about NORTHERN MOROCCO AUTO autoflowering feminized seeds

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